Symmetry's philosophy: changing people's lives for the better, goes above and beyond customers and business partners; it reaches out to those numerous small, remote villages around the world where families are deprived of even the most simple modern conveniences, lacking basic necessities such as medicine, education and communication. And the ones who are at risk the most are children and infants. Since 1999, Symmetry, in conjunction with Plan USA, has aided in helping to alleviate the pain and suffering of children and families in developing countries so they can lead better lives.

Plan USA is an organization established since 1937, committed to helping underprivileged children, families and communities meet their basic needs – such as home construction, waste disposal and safe drinking water – and increase their ability to participate in and benefit from their societies. Plan USA helps bring lasting change to the lives of children and their families while building and fostering relationships between people of different countries and cultures. To learn more about Plan USA, visit

A key element of the Symmetry lifestyle is sharing the opportunity we’ve been so fortunate to find. We continuously seek ways to help others better themselves, not just through business, but through humanitarian efforts as well.  Over the past years, members of our Symmetry family have generously contributed to Plan USA, and have sponsored children around the world, building personal relationships with those children through the exchange of pictures, gifts, letters and donations. Click here to view pictures of our Business Partners and the child/children they have so generously sponsored.

Symmetry is also funding Plan USA’s project in China to help bring about better health and nutrition to 13 schools, benefiting a total of 10,764 children and 621 teachers. The plans for this particular project will implement more amenities to the school, make nutrition an important constituent for parents, teacher and children, and build needed facilities on the premises of the school.

You too can make a powerful difference in the world today. A small contribution from each individual every month can lead to huge rewards. You can add $1 per month to your order. It’s easy; just add Item #DON001 to your Auto Ship and the entire dollar will go directly to Plan USA. Symmetry makes an additional donation to sponsor kids at risk from the proceeds of every canister of Future StarTM nutritional supplement sold around the world. For further information or to personally sponsor a child, contact 1-800-SYMMETR(Y).

Support our mission and unite with us as we continue our prevailing strides towards improving the quality of people’s lives and positively changing the world one person at a time.

Rudy & Pam Revak’s experience in the Philippines

Rudy and Pam traveled to the Camote Islands (northeast of Cebu in the Philippines) to visit with Marjorie, their sponsored child. They generously provided Marjorie and her family with candy, toys, school supplies and other gifts. Rudy and Pam both look forward to their future visits to spend time with their child and observe all the improvements Plan USA projects are generating.

Mary Julich’s experience in the Dominican Republic

Symmetry Vice President of Marketing, Mary Julich, visited an outlying village in the Dominican Republic and spent time with children that Symmetry sponsors. She provided them with gifts, talked to some parents and visited a local school. She traveled 72 hours just to reach the village, but said she would do it again without hesitation so long as she is helping change lives for the better.

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