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SugarBlocker Gum gives you the power to overcome those sweet cravings!
SugarBlocker Gum is made from a natural herb that has no known toxicity. It doesn't interfere with any drugs and is safe for children. Unlike other-drug based appetite control drugs, SugarBlocker Gum has no negative side effects. It does not alter your brain chemistry and cannot harm your lungs or heart like other diet aids.

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Keith Klein's invention is a great tasting herbal gum that's all-natural, contains no chemicals, and is 100% safe. SugarBlocker Gum is effective for diabetics, alcoholics, chocoholics, and stress bingers. This gum works for the most hardcore sweet eater.

When you eat, the food touches the chemical receptors on your tongue, which sends a nervous impulse to your brain resulting in the sense of taste. The chemical receptors for sweets are located on the front of your tongue.

The herb found in SugarBlocker Gum is known as a sugar analog, which means that the herbs chemical structure is almost identical to sugar. As you chew the gum, the herb binds to all the receptor sites on your tongue and blocks the sugar from touching the chemical receptors. Because the herb only blocks the chemical receptors for sweets, the taste of bitter, sour and salty foods can still be tasted.

SugarBlocker Gum blocks your ability to taste sweets, but does not block your ability to taste other foods. So chicken breast, salads, pasta, vegetables and any other food void of sugar will taste completely normal, while cookies, pastries, candy bars, cakes and pies will be very unpleasant. Because alcohol is a form of sugar, SugarBlocker Gum exerts the same effects on alcohol as it does on other sweets. Basically, wine will taste like vinegar, and beer will be very unpleasant.

SugarBlocker Gum can actually work to alter your perceptions regarding sweets. During our test marketing, we discovered that when some participants chewed SugarBlocker Gum and then tried their favorite sweet, they disliked the sweet without the gum. In one instance, after taking one bite of a brownie, the participant spit it out. The next day, when she saw the brownies, she immediately remembered the awful taste and felt no desire whatsoever to eat them. If a food you normally liked no longer tasted the same, over time your mind becomes reprogrammed to dislike the food.

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